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Parish Priest:

Churchwardens: Sue Marsh-Cann & Mark Omorogbe

Venue Manager: Jim Unwin
‘Phone: 077 4309 8338

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Parish Office Hour:

Mission Action Plan

Pt1. Laying The Foundations
We completed the first part of our Mission Action Planning, and have moved into Phase two: ‘Laying The Bricks’, which involves taking all we gathered in LTF, forming it into an agreed statement of what we intend to do – and when . . . and getting on with it! (Actually, we’ve been ‘getting on with it’ anyway, but it has to be docemented properly too).

Pt2. Laying The Bricks
Our PCC agreed to adopt the items listed below as our priorities within our Mission Action Plan [we’ll continue to monitor and review these regulalrly and carefully, and form and embed them into our life and witness. We’ll surround all of this with our prayer, calling on the Holy Spirit to continue to guide and direct us as we make this become an agreed, cohesive, workable and living Mission Action Plan for St Mary Magdalene’s.

Our M.A.P. seeks to: (1) upgrade and improve our facilities (particularly our beautiful church), making it warm and welcoming place where everyone can find a spiritual home (2) move us to look for innovative ways of keeping the church open and accessible during the week (3) show our willingness to reach out and serve our whole parish (4) show that we intend to excel as ambassadors in our service of the Lord.

Our M.A.P. is in three sections:
(**underlined items are currently being worked on : BOLD items are completed**  GREEN items are ongoing)

MAP/1. Quick Fix (items) To be done now (2016 / 2017)
These are things that can be done very quickly and easily. They usually don’t need to have too much planning to get them underway, but make a real impact – showing that we ‘mean business’ as a church. A good example of a QF item is our new notice board(s) on the west end of church, and at the entrance to the main church door. We have already racked up quite a few QF’s during the past year – and there are a few more to come:

  • Training for Ministers of The Eucharist
  • Work with School
  • Chairs
  • Heating
  • Notice boards
  • Cleaning and clearing clutter
  • Car Parking Spaces (reclaim / introduce bollards)
  • Sound System  upgrade and improve
  • Web site / E-Bulletin  upgrading & improving
  • Sunday Mass Sheet  upgraded & improved     but ongoing!
  • Training for Welcomers
  • Building relationship with Regents Place
  • Investigating unused space(s) in church (crypt)
  • Appointing a Venue Manager for use of church for musical events
  • Producing a Parish Profile

MAP/2. Medium Range (things which need some preparation) To be done within the next year or so (2017 / 2018)
These are things that need a little more preparation. Perhaps that means more investigation, some special permission, or the release of some cash from somewhere to allow them to be done. An example of this type of thing is the creche corner we’re planning. It’s been waiting for a while as we gather together various items (toys etc), and will hopefully be up and in use by the time we reach Easter.

  • Investigating new forms & patterns of worship (Healing Service, Taize Prayer etc)
  • Training for PCC and Churchwardens
  • Consolidating our Sunday School provision
  • Consolidating our openness and willingness to host concerts and musical events
  • Work with School
  • Building other community relationships
  • War Memorial Restoration (using 75% grant currently available)
  • Coffee Servery <Holy Ground>
    Crèche ‘Corner’
  • Bradford Room upgrade/redecorate
  • Banners   repair and conserve
  • Agreements / Rents   reviews
  • Re-building relationship/partnership with the Third Age Project (T.A.P.)

MAP/3. Long Range (things which need some investment of time and resources). To be done within five years (from August 2018) (or at least well underway)
This is where longer term planning brings about real progress towards larger parish projects – such as a youth club for example. If this is an objective of the parish, then the PCC will be tasked (along with the new parish priest), to find appropriately trained leaders; a space for the YC to meet; funding to make sure the YC has the resources it will need to function well etc.

  • Youth Provision  explore possibilities / recruit leader(s) / prepare accommodation . . .
  • . . . Developing unused spaces in Crypt (old boiler room / beneath west end of church
  • Keeping church open during the week especially during the day (including for concerts etc)
  • New Lighting in church
  • Bible Study / Alpha or Emmaus Course / teaching provision
  • Investigating the possibility of a collaborative ministry project